Monday, October 27, 2014

Front Yard Makeover

We are starting with the front yard because it is what people see first.  I really hate it and that is the main reason.  I am sure crepe myrtles can be pretty and if well taken care of they can enhance the right yard.  But with all hyperbole possible I would rather be skinned alive than have crepe myrtles anywhere near me.

So what are we looking for?  Low maintenance and low water consumption.  My wife went to Phoenix a couple of years ago and fell in love with the southwest look.  I love xeriscaping and always have so we knew when we got our own home we would have to make changes.

Traditional Landscape by Phoenix Landscape Contractors Desert Gardens Nursery

Here are two of our idea looks from  We're not looking for a lot of over the top plants.  we want just a few to make the front yard look clean and welcoming for the neighborhood.

So you have seen where we are starting.  Let us know what you think.